Life Transitions

Life Transitions

life transitions


I have been thinking a lot lately about life transitions. More specifically about navigating through life transitions. Those times in your life where your foundation is swept away. The major upheavals in life, where everything feels uncertain and change and uncertainty are the only constants in your daily life. 

Life transitions like a new job, stepping into a serious relationship, being confronted with death, divorce or break up or a move to a new home. Or one of the major female life transitions and all the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual changes that comes with those: 

Menarche, your first period and the years before and after in which you transition from childhood to young adulthood (also called puberty/adolescence). The change of moving from being a girl to a young woman. 

Motherhood, in all the different forms out there. From the fertility journey (and with that for some, or should I say many, infertility), from baby and pregnancy loss, to giving birth, navigating a new life with a baby to unwanted childlessness to childlessness by choice. And forgive me if I forgot a category, because I know it is a sensitive topic with too much silence and misunderstanding. The Maiden to Mother journey (also called Matrescence). 

Menopause, often a longer transition then the previous one (it is said that the perimenopausal can be as much as 10 years). The transition from mother to crone. When the menstruation stops the mother has moved beyond the ability to conceive and give birth, and enters a new phase in her life. I recently read that this is perhaps the most powerful time in a woman’s life. And for some it comes earlier than expected. 

Being in two big life transitions at the same time I realize how important it is for me to be guided and supported, by other women who embody the wisdom of navigating through these important moments. I also realize the lack of support in my earlier life. Especially in puberty. Because life transitions are extremely powerful and transformational when navigated honestly and thoroughly. With a deep respect for the nervous system, and a deep safe holding.


From my heart to yours,


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