embody & experience

the magic of female sexuality

Do you want to re-connect and come home to your sensual body?
Do you want to free your sacred, wild and sexual being?
Do you feel working with your sexuality is the next step for your personal growth, but not sure where to begin?

it’s time for sexual healing

for humans to live in alignment with their deepest truth

I believe the world needs a re-embodying of the feminine energy. For women, for men and within relationships. A deep love for, and connection, with the Divine Feminine. With the deep innate and authentic wisdom she holds. When she is allowed she is powerful and pleasurable beyond measure.

I know that our past left us with a deep imprint of shame and unsafety around female energy and sexuality. We have been told that it is something to fear, and something we have been encouraged to hide far away from others, and ourselves.

I also know that the time has come to change our believes and deeply imprinted conditioning around healthy sexuality. To welcome the feminine. To restore, reclaim and own a deep love for her power. To heal the pain and feel the pleasure. With her sexual energy flowing through our veins, life energy can do the same.


Using sexuality as the gateway to your original and true self. Living your birthright to experience pleasure, delight and joy as a sexual being!

1:1 coaching



hello beautiful, I’m Tessa

If someone had told me a few years ago that I would be bringing pussy sparkle to the world, I would have hided in my tree hut until someone else had done it. But here I am, fully naked, loving every step of this path.

I am a creative and curious seeker with a great interest in the human body and human behaviour. This led me to studying communications, sociology, yoga and massage, and I deepened my understandings through meditation, conscious dance and art.

It led me to dedicate my life to transform people to their authentic and liberated self, because I know that the world will be a better place if we can all be truly free within ourselves, and stay free while connected to others.

my flavors

My strength lies in my purity, intuition and creativity. Sometimes I use silence, sometimes touch, sometimes a verbal encouragement and always a mirror. Clients appreciate my ability to blend light and deep, my softness and the safe and non-judgemental space I create for them to open up in all their vulnerability.

Thank you for your interest, please explore my website to get a feel of what I offer, or book a free discovery call. I can't wait to explore your magic with you!

loving words from previous clients

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with this free sensual self-care morning ritual

Using this ritual daily will help you come home to your Sensual Self. It is a guided morning ritual to start your day with tuning in and touching your beautiful and sacred body (and the best thing is, you can stay in bed doing so)!