Cherish Stone

Cherish Stone

A bronze Cherish Stone with Jade’s ashes

I feel so lucky to have met so many amazing women in my life. I am going to be honest, it took a while to open myself fully up to intimate relationships with women. I have had my struggles and somehow I often just thought friendships with boys/men were easier. I guess because they seem less complicated and in my experience had less expectations ;). I know now that I just missed a lack of trust to form intimate friendships and I thought in order to be free I should not commit too much. I know now that the opposite is true. And I am happy and very grateful to have gained trust. The trust to form new friendships and the trust to ‘re-open’ old ones.

Especially in the last few months I have felt the importance of women around me. Women of all sorts. In all different phases of their lives. All with their own story. I have felt the connection of a shared history, even if I have not seen the person in years. I have felt the connection it creates if a pain, that somehow every woman seems to understand deep inside her bones, is shared.

Today I want to share the work of one of them, because her work plays an important role in our grieving process. Sofie (@koesterkamer) designed with heart, soul and bliss, a Feel Shape to help you feel your way through grief. She believes that feeling is our first and last language that always tells the truth. Her Feel Shapes are made to touch and to cherish along with your memories. To give a hold during the lonely process of letting go and to literally feel the memories. It is an urn, a memory, a talisman.

The bronze heart you see in the picture is our talisman. Jade was cremated and we wanted to do special things with his ashes. One of them was to fill this special Cherish Stone. In this way he is not hidden, and he is always with us.

And if I physically miss him, I just pick this beauty up and hold him so very close 💛 ✨

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