Yoni Love

yoni love

listening in to your womanly self

In this workshop I create a safe and inviting space to reconnect with and listen in to your pussy. A beautiful sacred time with other women to remember your life force.

yoni is the female soul

"So many female issues stem from stressed out and unloved vaginas. Yes, when vaginas are neglected they can become full of tension, numbness and trauma. And just like a crappy digestive issue can ruin your whole mood, a neglected vagina can have far-ranging effects on your entire sexuality... and your life"
- Layla Martin

I this workshop I will create a safe and inviting space to reconnect with, and listen in to your pussy. You will be guided through yin yoga practices and breath-work, you will be sounding and slowing down. You will tap into your felt sense and use meditation to dive deeply into your subconscious mind, to bring to the surface what is ready to be integrated on a conscious level.

The workshop is for every women who feels a yes while reading this, even if the yes is a doubtful, resisting yes. You do not need to have any experience, however it is helpful if you have done yoga or meditation before. The most important thing is that you are open to dive a little deeper and that you are curious to what this workshop will bring. Knowing that what will unfold is exactly that what you can carry and hold. The workshop is fully clothed and you will be having your own journey in a group of women.

loving words from previous participants