Yin Yoga & Live Music

yin yoga & live music

sparks some magic

In this workshop David Houston & me are combining our gifts to help you complete stress cycles and create a deep stress relief.

Tapping into your emotions can be liberating, and creates a more healthy body and mind

Great long stretches combined with the soft healing sounds of koshi chimes, guitar, singing bowl and tongue drum, to get in touch with your healing and nourishing yin energy. Leading into a long grounding savana accompanied with a mini soul soothing acoustic guitar concert.

yin yoga with Tessa
yin yoga is not about a flowing body, it is about a static body to make the energy flow on a deeper level. Yin is about long holds, slowing down, deep stretching (physcial, mental and emotional), softening, surrender and finding relaxation withing resistance. it is about acceptance and daring to be still and to stay with what is. And for a true understanding, experience is the only way!

live music by David
music is the space between the notes and sound can travel to places in the body where a posture can't come. The vibrations trigger the body to relax on a deeper layer, to let go of things that are not needed aymore. If you can allow yourself to surrender to the sounds and let them enroll you in the now, you give your body permission to relax. Fully and deeply.

kind words from previous participants