Fertility + Female Sexuality

Fertility + Female Sexuality

‘All the aspects of the journey – cycles, fertility, pregnancy, arousal, orgasm, birth and breast-feeding – are all part of the integral whole that is female sexuality. It is one of the tragedies of our culture that we’ve severed pregnancy, birth and breast-feeding from their messy, earthy, embodied sexual roots. To fully appreciate female sexuality, we must remember (and re-remember) these connections, which hold true at a primordial level whether the woman in question chooses (or is able) to reproduce or not.’  
-Sheri Winston

I had the privilege to work with Kay and her conception process. Unfortunately this process is coming with a lot of taboos and conditioning. I have seen many people shut down, not sharing their story. Out of fear of being judged, or being a failure as a woman. Being too fertile, not fertile at all, or something in between. Choosing to have children, or not to have children. Not able to have children with a deep desire to become a mom. Every woman has her own story, and I believe it is important to create a safe space to listen these. 

It has been a great honor to work with my client on exploring her story, her body, and her mind. To explore and embody the feelings, emotions and beliefs that were stored in her body around being a woman and her conception process. To come out on the other side deeply in touch with how beautiful it is to be a woman, and to trust the process and timing of the of miracles in life:

“My sessions with Tessa were fundamental in me finding real insight and peace with my body and the emotions surrounding the conception process. With her gentle guided visualizations and tools I was able to let go of my gnawing anxiety, doubt and sense of lack surrounding this topic…and I came out the other side with a deepened sense of gratitude and connection to what it is to be a women. I now more fully & whole heartedly trust the process and the timing of miracles in my life. I feel like Tessa has the ability to reveal the vulnerable beauty and courage that lives within in us all through her work. I look forward to working with her again in the future!” (Kay)

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