Yin Yoga & Female Sexuality

Yin Yoga & Female Sexuality

I remember clearly the moment I created the Instagram account #yinyogasouthafrica. I just moved to South Africa, and I couldn’t find a nice Yin Yoga class that fulfilled my needs. Coming from Holland and teaching a few packed yin yoga classes a week, I was surprised by the lack of this in Cape Town. It just did not seem to be a thing here so much.. And if I found yin classes, it was often yin flow and for me still quite active and missing the point of what real long holds do for your body, mind and soul.

I wanted to change that. However, it seemed a hard and windy road. I had to push and pull, and in my vision this is sign of something not flowing. I find it such a pity, and difficult to let go because Yin Yoga has been such a big game changer in my life. Mainly because it opened a door to reconnect with the feminine part of me. And joh, did I have to do some healing in this area!

Now I know yin yoga was only the beginning of a big journey into yin and yang, femininity and masculinity, deep layers of trauma hidden in my system. Yin Yoga showed me the importance slowing down, of real surrender and how I wasn’t used to this, or did not even know how to do this. It showed me that by softening I got so much stronger. And it showed me the importance of the psoas muscle, and how this muscle is related to so many issues people experience. Physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually.

The trauma muscle, the muscle involved in fight/flight/freeze mode. Chronic stress, and the inability, that can come with this for the nervous system and body, to move between stress and rest, between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system.

Also, the psoas muscle let me to sexuality. To the first two chakra’s and how much tension and stress I still had in these areas. Unconsciously. I also started to see this in so many others in my classes and workshops. I started to work more with women, more with femininity, with really allowing ourselves to come home to our pelvic area.

I have seen and felt the fear, of going there. The often dark places that we tend to want to avoid. Our sexual and reproductive organs that are so vital and important to a free flow of our life energy, our prana, our chi. Often buried underneath layers of shame and guilt. And with that: disconnect. A disconnection from our true core, our true selves. A blockage that keeps us from feeling free and alive in our bodies, mind and selves.

It was at that point that I choose to start working with sexuality. Because in my own experience this is the gateway to liberation. Yoga only is not enough anymore. The liberation I was seeking when I started with yoga, I truly found when starting working with my sexuality. It helped me to relate truly and intimate with my authentic self, and it helped me to start relating to others from this place.

I have always known it existed, I longed for it, I worked for it, and now I know it is possible. To feel free in me, in relationship with others and in this world.

I have found a way and want to share that with others. Today is the day that I am closing my #yinyogasouthafrica account, and will completely go over to my Instagram account @tessacusters. With Yin Yoga still deeply in my heart, interwoven in my work and also every now and then in my offerings.

Much love, xo

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