It’s Time To Celebrate

It’s Time To Celebrate

It is time to celebrate! Last week I received the news that I am now officially a Female Sexuality Coach.

I love to celebrate with reflection, a looking back to how I have come here. Eighteen months of studying, and although it officially was a study of 3 days a week, I perceived it as a full time commitment. I guess it is part of my personality to really go and dive into something for 120%, to soak up all. And to truly embody that what I have been learning. If there is one thing I have learned again is that it is your transmission that counts. Transmission only happens when it is embodied, meaning that I can support people in something that I have gone through, felt in every cell of my being. That is how I learn, and that is also how I show up as a coach and teacher. 

Meanwhile in the last few weeks I have been working with finding my voice in bringing this work out in the world. How can I put words to something that I deeply feel in my body and in my energy field. I have always found it extremely difficult to use spoken words, and sometimes even written words. Unless I am deeply present. That is also why teaching yoga classes and giving massages have been such a joy, and relief in my life. I am starting to understand that I have always been working hard to find words to share my inner world. Body and energy are my languages, always been, it is my true nature. The world I grew up in, just didn’t speak that language so well. I have only found out later in life that I am not an outsider, I just have a primary language that not everyone speaks, and that I have never properly learned how to share me in a world of words.

I am getting emotional while writing this. I feel that it is a blessing that the world of sexuality is opening up to me and to the world. That I have found a way to work in this world while using my language. To help people who speak it, for people who are craving to learn more about it, or for people who are starting to feel that there is more to the world that they have always perceived as the truth. That my dream and mission in this world becomes more and more clear: 

“I want the world to understand and honor the deep and sacred Feminine” 

And yes, we still have a loooooong way to go. And I am so keen to enter this new chapter of my life. Because like a friend of me said, it is not just the diploma where you have put your everything in, it is a big new step into the unknown. Opening doors into following my heart’s longings and my pussy’s desires. Into embodying the deep, raw, free, sacred, sexual Feminine in me, more and more and more… Powerful and Pleasurable beyond measure!

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