Free Your Soul

Free Your Soul

Opening your heart to your path, will free your soul. Do you dare to choose?

If there is anything I learned this year, is that you always have a choice in how you see and perceive the world.

For example, if you wake up grumpy you have the choice to either stay grumpy and let the grumpiness determine your day, or you could choose to embrace your grumpiness, do a practice that will bring your back to your center and let the grumpiness move through you and eventually out of your body and system.

Feelings and emotions are ephemeral. A word I learned this year, meaning “fleeting”. They last for a short time if you allow them to be.

It is YOU who chooses, consciously or unconsciously, to hold on to something or not. And believe me, I know from personal experience and understand that holding on to something that seems safe and familiar is far easier than choosing change. Our ego’s seem to dislike change, and like to stay in a victim role.

However, more and more I see around me that the people who choose to walk their path, who choose to connect with higher vibrations (f.e. love and joy) –  they Sparkle!

They sparkle through all that is coming their way. Because let’s be honest, choosing your path is not for the faint-hearted. It requires courage. Courage to step up, show up, time and time again, to stay true to you and your choices. Even if that means that you will boo-eh, judged and questioned by those around you.

Opening your heart to your path means change and confrontations. You might get hurt along the way. And you most likely will. You might experience ecstatic joy. And I know you will. You will cry, you will rage, you will fear, you will laugh and you will experience the deepest love.

Opening your heart to your path, your life, will free your pussy, your soul, your spirit, your essence. Or any other word that resonates with you. You will free this part of you, listen to it and let it guide you through life.

Your deeper wisdom and inner voice is so much stronger than your fear. Your true self so much stronger than your old patterns and behavior.

The choice is yours.

So the only questions that remains is, what will you choose in 2021?

Wishing you a magical and soft landing into 2021, and blessing you with a dash of pussy sparkle ♡

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