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13 October 2021

Cherish Stone

Cherish Stone 13 October 2021 A bronze Cherish Stone with Jade’s ashes I feel so lucky to have met so many amazing women in...

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12 October 2021

Why not me?

Why not me? 12 October 2021 Why not me? One of the articles I came across that gave me some great insights was one...

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10 October 2021

I allow myself to be held

I allow myself to be held 10 October 2021 Allowing myself to be held In these four months I haven’t read a lot about...

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9 October 2021

Expanding Awareness

Expanding Awareness 9 October 2021 Expanding Awareness Today Baby Loss Awareness Week starts #blaw2021. Normally I am not so much into weeks and days...

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22 September 2021

A deep surrender into life

A deep surrender into life 22 September 2021 And here I am.  Dave and I call it the 3rd phase of our healing through...

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28 August 2021

An unexpected awakening

An unexpected awakening 5 August 2021 An unexpected awakening from one of my clients, Mirjam Leslie, who took part in my Free your Feminine...

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21 July 2021

My Aching Heart

My Aching Heart 21 July 2021 My Aching, Fearing, Longing and Loving Heart It somehow also feels important to share some of my written...

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6 June 2021

Feminine Embodiment

Feminine Embodiment 7 June 2021 Empowered Feminine Embodiment  Female or Feminine embodiment. You might have come across this term before. It depicts the very...

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9 May 2021

Feminine Economy

Feminine Economy 9 May 2021 Dreaming of a Feminine Economy One of my biggest questions in my journey of choosing to become a mom...

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27 April 2021

Birthed into Motherhood

Birthed into Motherhood 27 April 2021 Being birthed into motherhood, a rite of passage Last week was a lot of ‘last times’, when it...

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12 April 2021

The Cyclic Feminine

The Cyclic Feminine 12 April 2021 Today I would love to share a bit more on honoring the cyclic Feminine. Since I am heading...

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22 March 2021

The Plague of Pressure

The Plague of Pressure 22 March 2021 Last week I woke up one morning with my head spinning around and around. I felt overwhelmed...

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