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Constructive Rest Pose

Constructive Rest Pose 21 December 2020 ‘The mysterious psoas muscle is the main muscle involved in your fight or flight response in your body. Your psoas contracts when you are frightened. It will tighten when you experience, mental, emotional or physical stress.’ Working on relaxing and restoring your psoas, and thus a happy psoas, will make you feel more grounded and relaxed and will give you a bigger range of motion (you might also experience less lower back pain). Making […]

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Fertility + Female Sexuality

Fertility + Female Sexuality. 30 November 2020 ‘All the aspects of the journey – cycles, fertility, pregnancy, arousal, orgasm, birth and breast-feeding – are all part of the integral whole that is female sexuality. It is one of the tragedies of our culture that we’ve severed pregnancy, birth and breast-feeding from their messy, earthy, embodied sexual roots. To fully appreciate female sexuality, we must remember (and re-remember) these connections, which hold true at a primordial level whether the woman in […]

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It took me a long time

It took me a long time. 2 October 2020 And to be honest, I needed some help from the universe to put me to pause. I was always going, doing, full agenda, meeting people, chatting, socializing. And I loved it! Because I love people and I love the magic of life. But deep inside I was lonely, although I didn’t really knew it at that time. Or maybe I didn’t want to see it. I definitely did not wanted to […]

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It’s Time To Celebrate

It’s Time To Celebrate 23 September 2020 It is time to celebrate! Last week I received the news that I am now officially a Female Sexuality Coach. I love to celebrate with reflection, a looking back to how I have come here. Eighteen months of studying, and although it officially was a study of 3 days a week, I perceived it as a full time commitment. I guess it is part of my personality to really go and dive into […]

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Come As You Are

Come As You Are 28 January 2019 I am reading the amazing book #comeasyouare (by Emily Nagoski), and today I hit the chapter that is all about the emotional context. And stress. For a long time I believe stress only had to do with just being able to manage the tasks I had to do in life. How little did I know of stress that underlies worry, anxiety, fear, terror, all the variants of my flight mode. Or anger, irritation, […]

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